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The BTM-dr Jurkiewicz Company has been present on the Polish market for 20 years. The core of our business consists in broadly understood conservation of architecture, under which we conduct research, provide expertise and deliver projects.

The basic activity of the company is protecting historic buildings against moisture. We use all available technologies, while always striving to optimize solutions, both in technical and economic terms.

20 years ago, as the first company in Poland, we introduced the electronic system of dehumidification, which is undergoing a real renaissance at present. We use the equipment of recognized European brands.

Protection against moisture with the use of electronic system is a genuine conservation technology – with no need to intervene in the very historical substance. For 20 years, we have been achieving guaranteed results and comprehensive effectiveness.

This technology was used in the prominent historic building, both in Poland and worldwide. The list of protected buildings includes, inter alia: Blessed Virgin Mary Rotunda in Wawel, Potocki Palace (seat of the Ministry of Culture) in Warsaw, National Theatre in Warsaw, Teutonic Castle in Malbork, Radziwiłł Necropolis in Nieśwież (Belarus), Archbishop Palace in Lvov (Ukraine), numerous churches and historic tenement houses in many cities across Poland.

In many buildings we also implement standard insulation and drainage works – apart from the electronic dehumidification technology.

Parallel company’s specialty is dedication to ecology, including, inter alia, production of materials made of clay / bricks, mortars, plasters / that are used in many European countries in conservation works of various facilities.

For 25 years, we have been manufacturing the 2DF block for a German company Claytec. In our business activities, we strive to keep the European quality standards of our technologies, which we ensure by cooperating with many different companies in France, Germany, and Switzerland.